Are Your VFDs Performing as Expected?

Posted on 7th May 2024

Many of us wonder if we are receiving the best performance from our VFDs. for my heavy-duty applications? Whether you're about to install a VFD or have one already, you'll want to get the best performance possible. This blog will go over the three operation modes and when to employ them, allowing the drive to perform optimally and reliably in a wide range of heavy-duty applications. The Digital Era of AC Drives The AC drive technology now locks into parameter selection and does not drift like previous analog DC drives. The fourth industrial revolution necessitates reliability and consistency. Modern AC drives are not only consistent, but they can also be programmed with various modes in the motor control mode. These modes can make a significant impact in the drive's performance and ability to adapt to various sorts of motor loads. Is it an electrical or mechanical issue? As I indicated in my last piece on enhancing the performance of pumps and fans, the feedback I receive from customers in the field is: Is it an electrical or mechanical problem? It may be wiser to reconsider the distinction between the two trades "electrical" and "mechanical," and consider both instead. The mechanical load impacts the drive. It is critical to understand how the load affects the drive and the dynamics it causes. Attempting to separate the two is a formula for failure; the drive team must consider the complete system, from the drive to the load. Different loads and their characteristics Normal Duty (Constant Torque): 150% for one minute Mode: V/Hz - Supports multiple motors on a single drive (only in this mode can the drive operate). Hydraulic applications in which a hydraulic pump and motor are powered by the system. HEAVY DUTY (CONSTANT TORQUE) applications mode: SVC (Sensorless Vector Control), mixers, augers, transport cars, saws, compressors, de-brakers, mixers, Conveyors inclined, declined, line shaft with coordinated lines (flighted), Positive Displacement pumps (lobe style), Progressive pumps (conical screw), Augers, Transport Cars, Saws, De-barkers, Compressors