We offer solutions, that aid in the reduction of harmful emissions and help in the preservation of natural resources.

DARWIN MOTION has been concentrating on industrial automation and solar energy to “build your trust of technology in Global Market. We succeed by creating superior value & Quality Products. We push the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels in Open Loop & Closed Loop Operation.

We offer solutions that aid in the reduction of harmful emissions and help in the preservation of natural resources. We advocate for ethical and humane conduct to promote better lives for people around the world.

Our team of Designing Engineers has extensive experience spanning several decades in the research and development of automation technology.

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The Best Solution for all Industrial & Factory Businesses

Together, we constantly push the limits of technology to improve performance and develop new business models that benefit our customers, partners, and society. As a leading enterprise in industrial automation we are committed to addressing the world's energy challenges by making Factories, Logistics, and transportation more energy-efficient, safer, precise and affordable.

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Building on our global business capabilities and professionalism, Darwin Motion vows to provide the best products to indian and global market ."


Darwin Motion is a global technology leader serving industries, infrastructure and machine builders with world-class drives, drive systems and packages. We help our customers, partners and equipment manufacturers to improve energy efficiency, asset reliability, productivity, safety and performance.

Textile textile machine
Textile Machine
Winding winding applications
Winding Industry
tower Crane tower crane applications
Tower Crane
Extruders extruders
Cross Cutter Metal Cutting cross cutter metal application
Cross Cutter Metal Cutting
Wire Drawing Machine wire drawing applications
Wire Drawing Machine
Flying Shear flying shear applications
Flying Shear
High Speed CNC Spindal Drive high speed cnc spindal drive
High Speed CNC Spindal Drive
VFD for Injection Molding vfd for injection moulding
VFD for Injection Molding
Multiple Pump VFD multiple pump vfd
Multiple Pump VFD
VFD for Bar Mill Application vfd for bar mill applications
VFD for Bar Mill Application
TFO MAchine Application tfo machine application
TFO MAchine Application
Spinning Machine Application spinning machine application
Spinning Machine Application
Extrusion Machine Haul-off Application extrusion machine haul off
Extrusion Machine Haul-off Application
Engine & Motor Testing Dynamometer engine & motor testing
Engine & Motor Testing Dynamometer

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Darwin Motion


Chief Operating Officer (Asia Pacific)
Darwin Motion

Allen Coetze

Chief Technology Officer
Darwin Motion


Commercial Director

M. D. Ramamurghan

CEO & Cheif Patron
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