How Long Should a VFD Last?

Posted on 24th Jun 2023

Darwin Motion Drive - matrix 190

According to Darwin Motion – VFD Manufacturer “There is no definitive answer to this question as the length of a VFD will vary depending on the individual and the specific situation”. However, as a general rule, a VFD should last for around six months. If the individual feels that they need to extend the VFD, they should speak with their doctor to come up with a plan that works for them.

What factors affect how long a VFD lasts?

The life span of a VFD can be affected by a variety of factors, including the temperature at which it is operated, the voltage and current ratings, the type of fluid being pumped, and the cleanliness of the environment. In general, the higher the voltage and current ratings, the shorter the life span of the VFD. The type of fluid being pumped can also have an impact, with some fluids eroding the insulation on the VFD more quickly than others. The cleanliness of the environment is also important, as dirt and dust can cause the VFD to overheat.

How can you extend the life of a VFD?

There are a few ways that you can help to extend the life of your VFD. One is to keep it clean and free of dust and dirt. You can also avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or humidity. If you need to move it, be sure to do so carefully, and avoid shocks or sudden movements. Finally, make sure to keep the firmware up to date, and to follow the instructions for proper use and care.

Keep it Clean

Keeping VFD clean and protected must be preferred always. All VFDs must be kept in a cabinet for ensuring a long life.  Every time when maintenance is performed, dust and debris must be removed. Be sure to check Darwin Motion VFD manufacturer’s recommendations before using any method.

Keep it Cool

Overheating can be the main cause of VFD failure, ensure along with cleaning out the cabinet, keep open eye on fans and heat sinks too.

Maintain ambient temperature at VFD manufacturer recommended standards and make sure the fans are not overexerting as overexertion can cause fan failure and can lead to overheating of your VFD.

Keep it Dry

Always keep VFD extremely dry. Moisture causes erosion and short circuiting of the most critical parts of your VFD.

Preventive Maintenance

For keeping VFD in good working condition, never forget to inspect the most critical elements regularly. With continuous routine maintenance by an expert technician of Darwin Motion – Regenerative Drive manufacturer, you can be safe from unscheduled down time.

Make sure connections are Tight

During maintenance professionals must check all connections for any looseness as loose connections can be hot spots in your cabinet that can cause electrical arcing. Make sure all connections are tight.

Always Buy VFD from top Manufacturer Darwin Motion

The selection process of VFD or bi-directional power supply is very crucial for your industrial and commercial applications. Choosing the best Darwin Motion VFD for your application offers you economical and functional advantages for your industrial application.

It’s important to gather information about your motor and system that will help you to buy the proper VFD for your application.