How Variable Frequency Drive technology Improve Industrial Production?

Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Animal and fish protein rising demand required more facilities to control and have ambient environments. Darwin Motion showed how Variable Frequency Drive technology can be helpful...

The bioconversion plant efficiency utilizing organic food waste to nourish insects, which continue to feed farm animals and fish is being radically improved with Matrix Variable frequency drive technology from Darwin Motion.

The flies nourish on waste food made up of unutilized or underrated organic waste before making the larvae, which is utilized as protein in the quickly growing inclusive aquaculture and agriculture industries. 

Approximately 1kg of eggs from the flies makes 6 metric tons of protein in ten days, which is utilized by fish farms, poultry and pig producers, between others. It’s assessed that 10% of the protein market will become from insects by 2040.

The plant utilizes numerous ventilation fans for maintaining a good environment for the flies to feed on the waste before placing the larvae. However, the employed drives sometime faced the problem, which had inferences for production.

As the existing drives were installed by the manufacturers of fan and they were not matched with the fan’s motor current that’s why they cause frequent tripping. This turned out as fluctuations in the environment’s facility, making manufacturing less efficient.

“Consequently, the facility was incapable to rise production. Also the downtime and maintenance cost increases.”

Darwin Motion Drives recommend the DR Matrix drives to match the fans motor current.

“The MATRIX output current simply matched the motors of fan and prevent the tripping and downtime. It also offers good control of the fan speed and ensure good efficiency and cut down in energy costs,”

What is a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)? 

A variable frequency drive even called variable speed drive (VSD) or adjustable frequency drive (AFD) offers machinists the ability to accurately adjust motor speed.

VFDs can be used for controlling various types of process equipment. Equipment may need a Variable Frequency Drive for correct operation.

Worldwide, Variable Frequency Drives are being used to maximize energy efficiency, with the possibility to gain big improvements from small enhancements. While energy efficiency is an extra advantage when used with Darwin Motion equipment, perhaps more prominently, is that the Variable Frequency Drives allows machinists to influence process parameters.

The energy saving potential is significant in itself, but there are various advantages to utilizing a VFD.

As focus of industries on energy efficiency remain higher, Variable Frequency Drives will continue to offer makers a way to get their energy efficiency goals, but Variable Frequency Drives offers more than just an energy saving; they give machinist more control over the procedures and offers a way of fine-tuning the procedure based on changes in production. 

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