How Variable Speed Drives Are Energy Savers

Posted on 27th Jan 2023

It goes deprived of saying that companies within all industries are frequently aiming to raise their efficiency and cut down their energy consumption, with the aim being to reduce the impact of their carbon footprint on the environmental setting.

This can be possible in many ways such as from shifting to renewable energy resources, and utilizing little energy in daily activity. In industries like manufacturing one essential way to achieve this is via the utilization of variable speed drives also known as variable frequency drives.

What are Variable Frequency Drives or Variable Speed Drives?

Variable speed drives also called adjustable-speed drives, variable frequency drives are a device which controls the electric motor’s speed and torque.

In brief, a Variable speed drive main work is to correctly maintain the pace of a machine, rather which has been proven as a way to save energy in environments like manufacturing plants. But how does the utilization of a variable speed drive exactly reduce energy usage?

How Variable Speed Drives are energy savers?

Many stats show that on an average the utilization of variable frequency drive (VFD) or Variable Speed Drives (VSD) has helped companies to cut down their energy consumption by up to 60% in a year, which also means significant cost reduction.

Often, devices like air conditioning fans operate at single speed or required manually changing, in spite of the fact a minimum speed will save energy while still finishing the same work. Variable frequency drives are operative in this was as they make sure things run at the ideal, lower speed, while still finishing the work and saving energy at the same time.

Using the food business as an example, air conditioning fans are typically left on low until a kitchen gets warm, at which point they are turned up to the maximum level to chill it off.

As a result, more energy is used than is necessary, and the fan's lifespan is shortened, increasing the expense of repair and replacement.

In this situation, installing a variable speed drive will cause the fan to run at the ideal speed when required, thus decreasing energy use and assisting businesses in making long-term financial savings.

Naturally, this scenario may be repeated in a wide range of sectors and with a wide range of equipment, not only fans.

Variable speed drives are used in the manufacturing sector to control the speed of components like belts and motors.

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