Servo Drive vs VFD

Posted on 23rd Jan 2024

Servo Drive vs VFD

According to Darwin Motion (VFD & Servo Drive Manufacturer) Servo drives and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are both types of motor controllers, but they serve different purposes and are used in distinct applications. Let's explore the key differences between servo drives and VFDs:

Control Methodology:

Servo Drives: Designed for precise control of position, velocity, and torque in high-performance applications. They typically use feedback devices like encoders to provide accurate information about the motor's actual position and adjust the control signals accordingly.

VFDs: Primarily used for controlling the speed and torque of AC motors. VFDs vary the frequency and voltage supplied to the motor to control its speed.


Servo Drives: Servo motor drive commonly used in applications that require high precision and dynamic performance, such as robotics, CNC machines, and other motion control systems.

VFDs: Applied in a wide range of applications where variable speed control of AC motors is needed, such as pumps, fans, conveyors, and HVAC systems.

Feedback and Control Accuracy:

Servo Drives: Typically include feedback devices like encoders or resolvers to continuously monitor the motor's actual position. This enables precise control and high accuracy in positioning and motion control.

VFDs: Usually do not require feedback devices for basic speed control. However, for applications demanding more precise speed or position control, additional feedback devices can be added.


Servo Drives: Provide high-performance control, offering fast response times, high torque density, and the ability to handle rapid changes in load and speed.

VFDs: Suitable for applications where high precision and rapid response are not critical. They are more focused on efficiently controlling the speed of a motor.


Servo Drives: Generally more expensive than VFDs due to their advanced control capabilities and precision.

VFDs: Tend to be more cost-effective and are widely used for variable speed applications in industries. Vfd price is less as compare to servo drives

In summary, while both servo drives and VFDs which are available on Darwin Motion are used to control electric motors, they are tailored for different applications and performance requirements. Servo drives excel in high-performance, precision applications, while VFDs are more cost-effective solutions for variable speed control in a broader range of applications.

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