The Importance of VFD Warranties

Posted on 16th Nov 2022

Darwin Motion VFD

When you are looking to buy a low voltage variable frequency drive (VFD) it is crucial to check out the warranty of every option you consider. You might think there will be no need of warranty, but warranties are essential when there are any defects and you can get help for the equipment regarding either repaired or replaced.

There are phases you can take to enhance your chance of a warranty that convers any arising issues. While often consumers won’t take a deep look at the warranties mentioned on the products, however, it might be very helpful if you check the biggest considerations as defined by Darwin Motion – VFD & Servo Drive Manufacturer offering AC Drive, Solar Drive - MATRIX 180, VFD/SVC/Drive - MATRIX 190, Torque Mode Drive - MATRIX 500, High Performance Drive - MATRIX 680, Regenerative Drive -MATRIX 880, High Frequency Drive HF - MATRIX 500-HF and more drives with a warranty evaluation.

What are the preventive maintenance?

When VFD comes at your place after buying, you might see that the warranty of product depends on who is resuming the primary startup or commissioning on the drive. Some brands will not rectitude a warranty if you don’t use their professionals to do the initial setup, while others offer it in a same condition as long as it was done accurately as defined in the manual.

Similarly, some manufacturers will need that you do regular maintenance on the inverter for preventing major malfunctions. You can do it with the help of their professionals or outside technicians. Ensure that you must be aware of these necessities and properly document the installation to ensure smooth future warranty claim.

Remember about warranty start date

Common warranty time for new VFDs often lies between 1-2 years, although there might be 3- or 5-year warranty period as well. One concern which often complicates a warranty claim is whether it is still active or not. Ensure reviewing the VFD warranty you are considering while buying.

Warranties can start on manufacturing date, shipment date, installation date, or combination of all.

Knowing when the warranty begins and how long it runs will be informed when you take your drive in for warranty evaluation. While sometimes when a complete VFD failure take place it needs to be evaluated quickly, if it continuously functioning, ensure pulling it out of service soon and get the claim from warranty.

VFD Condition

Remember, the biggest concern we look has nothing to do with the manufacturer you purchased it from. How you utilize the VFD after receiving it is the first reason that warranty claims might be rejected across the panel.

Remember, keeping VFDs cool, clean, and dry. If you see moisture, dirt, grime, or dust inside the VFD, the rejection chances of warranty highly increased. In case there is a crack in the casing, it clearly indicates the VFD dropped or hit at some place. Anything like these concerns gives a manufacturer a practical suspicion that the failure is not due to defect but due to your treatment of the VFD. And this will never give you warranty claim.

Be Ready

While Darwin Motion believe that you never have to use the VFD warranty, just follow the steps we have mentioned above. You will have the great chance to get your drive through a warranty process swiftly and smoothly. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact Darwin Motion team 24/7 and our team will help you out in the right direction.