Use of Variable Frequency Drives for pump applications

Posted on 28th Nov 2022

Variable Frequency Drives also called VFD, Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) is useful to control the speed of an induction motor or a synchronous motor. VFDs are utilized for controlling the motor speed in many applications like fans, conveyor systems –  however, for industrial pumps they are very beneficial.

Here Darwin Motion explain the advantages of using a Variable Frequency Drive to control pump speed:

Why do we require regulating the flow rate of industrial pumps?

Most industrial pumps are made for operating at peak efficiency while at their high flow rate. However, for several pumping applications, maximum flow is infrequent if ever required. This is due to:

You may wish to have forceful control over flow for reducing or increasing the water level in a tank and the water volume being supplied at any one time. When there is low demand of water demand, the motor of pump needs to slow hence supply is cut down or stopped accordingly. In case of high demand, the tank would unfilled fast so the pump required to be speeded up accordingly.

Operating at high flow even utilizes maximum energy that means high costs. Evidently, when maximum flow is not likely required it turn out to be an inefficient use of resources. And with maximum cost of owning a pump comes from energy consumption, energy saving can have a huge positive impact on the lifetime cost of pump.

Why Darwin Motion VFDs are the most effectual way of controlling flow?

By replacing a motor of centrifugal pump starter with right Variable Frequency Drive, the high and low limit float switches can be extracted from the tank and replaced with an appropriate level sensing transducer system. If analogue output of transducer is inversely relational to the water volume in the tank, the VFD can get a signal to control the motor speed smoothly and variably.

Significantly, this will stop any regular short term electrical supply overloading each time the pump starts or mechanical shocks like water hammer that can damage pipelines, joints or seals and can highly cut down energy consumption.

VFDs even cut down the maintenance costs, which a pumping system will sustain – with maintenance another main contributor to a lifetime cost of pump. Other than crucial energy savings one of the most useful advantage of using a Variable Frequency Drive for controlling the pump is the essential soft starting and stopping that means pipes and valves will less damage due to rapid flow change.

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