Use of VFD – Variable Frequency Drive

Posted on 12th Sep 2022

What is VFD?

VFD - Variable Frequency Drive refers to a motor controller generally utilized for three-phase motors. Variable Frequency Drive are also called Microdrive, AC drive, Inverter, Variable speed drive, Adjustable Frequency Drive or Adjustable Speed Drive.

It is an electrical device used for controlling the electric moto’s speed by changing its input voltage. VFDs are utilized to control conveyor belts, pumps, fans, and other kinds of devices in industrial plants.

This type of motor control converts DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current). These Variable Frequency Drive convert the power, boost and manage it before delivering it to the ac motor. The Variable Frequency Drive does this by changing the stator field and revolving its angle.

What makes Variable Frequency Drive unique is that VFD changes the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor according to its electrical and speed necessities, which helps reducing usage of energy and, consecutively, cut down functional costs. They included control panels and durable graphic overlays as you can see at Darwin Motion that provide resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, UV abrasion, and diluters to remain clear even under severe working conditions.

There are many applications where Variable Frequency Drives are used, some of them are listed below by Darwin Motion – VFD & Servo Drive Manufacturer:

Wire & Cable Industry

VFDs are used in wire and cable industry. It helps to solve the electric control issue of pay-off wire rack and use wheel. Here, rather than utilizing A/D, D/A modules and PLC, VFD utilizes PID and close-loop control to work in the machines.

This way, Variable Frequency Drive causes restructuring the old cable and wire systems, permitting any usual electric maintainer to function the machines.

Oil Industry

VFDs are used in Oil industry. It has been utilizing a constant speed motor drive in the oil pumps. Though, as the consumption of power changes with load size change, it resulted in huge energy waste.

VFDs along with AC motors has completely change the industry with improved frequency range, lively response, improved accuracy and low energy consumption.

Textile Machines

Variable Frequency Drives have been highly utilized in textile machines, helping technological advancement in the industry. Textile mills can barely work without AC (air-conditioners) and VFD control helps to reduce power consumption and expense of electricity.

VFDs are utilized along with an AC motor in AC induction motor and AC variable speed induction motor to improve its accuracy and range of speed.

Thermal Power Plant

Medium voltage Variable Frequency Drives are mainly used in thermal plants in high asynchronous motors. They are widely used in the reform of water supply pumps for improved accuracy and energy saving.

VFDs decreases the motor’s speed in case less water is needed for work and vice versa. It controls the energy amount utilized in the power plant.

Submersible Motor

Variable Frequency Drives are even utilized in submersible motors to control the speed at which the motors work. They even improve the submersible pumping system’s overall efficiency and provide better and more bearable output.