What are Servo Drive Applications?

Posted on 23rd Nov 2022

Servo drives are very versatile equipment used within motion control. Darwin Motion offer a broad range of servo drives based on advanced control technology. The drives are easily compatible with all the motors within our range.

Different range of AC or DC Servo drives available for harsh environment servo and for demanding applications.

What is a Servo Drive?

A servo drive often known as an amplifier works by taking a commanding signal from either position, speed or current and then manage the voltage and current delivered to a servo motor based on closed loop feedback.

A servo drive become a part of a broader servo system. The system includes a motor, a feedback element and a controller. Inside the servo system, feedback is constantly monitored and adjusted inside the closed loop circuits. The controller has the responsibility to calculate the required path or trajectory and the drive is later used for sending voltage and current to the motor and helps in achieving the required motion within the system.

A servo drive is responsible to control torque, speed, or position, however, mostly they are utilized for controlling the torque.

Applications of Servo Drive

In many applications and industries servo drives are used. Some application where servo drives are used include Marine, Aerospace, Laboratory Automation, Arctic Drilling, Satellite Communication, Ground Mobile, Extreme Outdoor Operation, and Aviation.

Some more precise applications where servo drives are used:

Robotics – On the arm of robot servo motors are used on the joint for monitoring the angle and speed of movement.

Printing press – The print heads movement of starting and stopping can be controlled by a servo motor themselves and the paper exact movement ensure right printing.

Conveyor belts – In many industrial environment, servo drives are utilized to start and stop conveyor belts.

Metal cutting machines – the exact movement control that servo motors can offer make them ideal for different metal cutting and forming machines such as pressing, punching, lathes, grinding and milling.

Camera focusing –  In cameras, servo motors are installed in very smaller form helping the camera to set the auto focus functionality on the lenses.

Automatic Doors – This is highly common application where servo drives are used. Automatic doors are widely installed in shops and hotels and servo motors are useful to control the door movement after receiving the signal from anyone.

Servo Drives from Darwin Motion

Darwin Motion servo drives are available in various types such as AC Drive, Solar Drive - MATRIX 180, VFD/SVC/Drive - MATRIX 190, Torque Mode Drive - MATRIX 500, High Performance Drive - MATRIX 680, Regenerative Drive -MATRIX 880, High Frequency Drive HF - MATRIX 500-HF.

Remember while selecting a drive for your application, you need to give importance to the drive connectivity and within Darwin Motion range, we offer Ethernet fieldbuses that includes EtherCAT, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus and CanOpen.

Browse our complete range of servo drives on Darwin Motion website. For more information, call or whatsapp us today on +61432112288 (Australia), +918956113099 (India) or send your requirements at sales@darwinmotion.com . Our experts will guide you regarding Servo Drive and its application.