What are the benefits of VFDs, and why are they important?

Posted on 4th Oct 2022

Electric motors are widely used in daily life, but they need the correct quantity of electrical power to operate at the best torque and speed. Darwin Motion Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) convert AC current from the power source into DC current for the purpose of controlling these motors.

This article will examine these devices' functionality and significance.

In 1887, Nikola Tesla obtained a patent for the first three-phase AC motor, which outperformed Thomas Edison's DC motor in terms of durability and efficiency. However, it was challenging to regulate the speed of AC motors, which led to the dependability of DC motors.

Small parts that gave rise to then-current VFDs weren't designed until many years later. Initially utilized in heavy industry, VFDs later found more widespread application as technology advanced. The development of microprocessors and control circuitry have given VFDs a great deal of versatility while reducing the strain on the motor.

In essence, VFDs are a refinery that converts erratic AC voltage into a more reliable current. It can be improved even more by changing it to DC before being sent back out as an AC. It is possible to export current gradually because the voltage that is sent out has a square shape rather than the conventional sinusoidal one.

Other advantages of VFDs include:

Decreased energy use


High output of power

Control of torque and speed

There is no need for a motor soft starter.

Use cases for VFDs

There are numerous applications for VFDs in electrical and motor-controlled systems. Power regulation is necessary for these systems to save energy when it's not needed.

Filtration systems for swimming pools

To improve cleanliness, VFDs can be employed in indoor swimming pool filtration systems.

By readily adjusting the water volume as needed, VFDs used in indoor swimming pool filtration systems can assist reduce electricity use.

To filter the water, swimming pools require 40% of their total energy consumption.

Water can be recycled with the help of a pump that uses a VFD by drawing it into the filtration system.

Pumps for boosting pressure

A pressure booster pump is necessary to ensure that there is enough water pressure in commercial or large buildings, such as hotels, to reach all units, including restrooms and showers.

Since VFDs save more energy and don't require maintenance, they can be a better choice than pressure control valves.

PLCs and VFDs

An interface that enables users to control motor speed is necessary for VFDs.

By automatically selecting a driving speed for the motor to run at, PLCs or even DCS systems can be utilized to remotely control a VFD.

PLCs can also be linked to a human machine interface (HMI), which enables the user to manually adjust the motor speed. This makes it possible to maintain voltage output even when more electricity is required.

Electricians and PLC technicians benefit from learning how VFDs work and their applications because they are now widely utilized and dependable in the HVAC and electrical industries.

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