What are the Tips and Tricks of VFD?

Posted on 19th Sep 2022

VFD, Variable Frequency Drive, variable speed drive, adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive, AC drive, microdrive, and inverter all are same term used for a drive which is a type of motor controller use to drives an electric motor by changing the frequency and voltage supplied to it.

Hertz or Frequency is linked to the speed of motor (RPMs). In other terms, the quicker the frequency, the quicker the RPMs drive. If there is no need of electric motor require in an application to operate at full speed, the Variable Frequency Drive can be utilized to ramp down the frequency and voltage to match the need of the load of electric motor. With the change of application motor speed needs, the Variable Frequency Drive can easily turn up or down the speed of motor to match the exact speed requirement.

Here are useful VFD tips and tricks mentioned by Darwin Motion – VFD & Servo Drive Manufacturer:

  1. For Variable Frequency Drive outdoor inclusion ratings

When identifying a drive for outer applications it is always sensible to ensure the maker has made their design according to “Outdoor” or “direct sunlight” capability. If the device was indoor applications only, it might not have adequate UV protectant in the precast plastic case to manage years of UV misuse.

  1. For SMVector series Variable Frequency Drive from Darwin Motion

When connecting a remote keypad kit for the SMV series of drives some instruction described on manual remain not very clear.  It is recommended to “Assert” the first terminal on the digital input block. What this truly means is that a jumper wire is to be installed to permit a ‘operating’ condition to be directed by remote keypad.

  1. Sizing a three phase Variable Frequency Drive to accept single phase 230/460V input line voltage

The usual thumb rule has been utilizing the rated FLA of motor and multiply by 1.73. This calculation generally worked well when Variable Frequency Drive were overbuilt previously.  As cost drops are always on the move with many manufacturers, we have observed the industry transition from this way to adding some more safety feature in calculation.  The industry has been significantly using the motor FLA x 2 to offer more safety feature.   Some are also utilizing FLA x 2.15 for the required output current with very low-priced drives.  This is generally called de-rating a VFD in the industry. Always remember the ambient temperature and boost in the assortment process and ensure to monitor all instructions mentioned by VFD manufacturer on manual for reference.

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