What is a Variable Frequency Drive by Darwin Motion?

Posted on 19th Aug 2022

VFD is often called Variable Frequency Drive, Variable speed drive, Adjustable frequency drive, or Variator. 

VFD is a motor controller helpful in adjusting the motor's speed and torque by changing the voltage and frequency of the power supply it received. It enables the motor's speed to be changed routinely and remotely.

This ability of variable frequency drive to automatically manage the motor's speed helps the motor to be incorporated into a broader control system wherein the motor can speed up, speed down, turn on, and turn off responding to events or values somewhere else in the procedure. For instance, when a blockage is detected, stopping a pump or conveyor or regulating the mixer's speed at a special recipe's stage.

Motors are utilized in a broad range of industrial process control applications, to control the movement of Draw belts, Conveyor belts, Fans, Pumps, Agitators and mixers, printing machinery, filling and labeling machines, pick and place systems, valves, doors, sluices open and close mechanism and lot more.

In addition to allowing different industrial processes, variable frequency drives also offer numerous advantages for motor-controlled systems. By only triggering the motor when it is required, using a variable frequency drive helps to widen the motor's life and save energy as well. It is a highly crucial feature for owners of systems, particularly when growing across numerous broad-scale systems.

Darwin Motion - Variable frequency drive - VFD Manufacturer and Supplier

With rising demands on new tools to save energy and process control, VFD (Variable Frequency Drive or Variable speed drives) has to turn out to be a necessary tool.

Darwin Motion is a VFD - Variable frequency drive manufacturer and supplier all across the world. We design and manufacture drives, inverters, and drives for all industrial applications.

At Darwin Motion, we can inform you about the correct product and supply it to your demand across many countries like the USA, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, Australia, India, Austria, and more. We can even offer technical support and repair services at your location. Contact us for more details.