Can you Save Energy with Variable Frequency Drive?

Posted on 30th Dec 2022

With energy prices rising many of our clients are asking, ‘Can we save energy with variable frequency drives?’

The simple answer is Yes.

We’ve saved thousands of pounds for our customers over recent years by installing Darwin Motion Matrix Variable Frequency Drive on applications simply for the energy-saving advantages. The general instruction on Variable torque leads (Centrifugal Pumps and Fans) is a reduction of twenty percent in motor speed delivers a forty-eight percentage of energy saving.

According to the affinity law’s cube law principle, the power change is equal to the speed cubed change. However, this rule utilization and abuse by devious Variable Frequency Drive salespeople in the online market, this is simply a rule not a truth, and it doesn’t consider other facts such as the variation in efficiency of pump and fan, the system necessities inert and frictional losses.

Every single Application is diverse, and lots of things can distress the real savings achieved.

Do not get suggestions from Salesperson of drives who have an assigned interest in selling products to you! Take suggestions only from professionals like Darwin Motion who design and developed VFD & Servo Drive for industrial applications. The professionals have the right knowledge and capacity to check each application on its own qualities and offers you, the best VFD for purchase.

Our best energy saving VFDs are:

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