What Are the Advantages of Darwin Motion Variable Frequency Drives?

Posted on 31st Jan 2023

Darwin Motion Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are an important part of the drive towards Net Zero and can help companies save money on various applications, but this smooth technology has a host of more advantages. Let’s look at the most crucial advantages of Variable frequency Drive for our businesses.

1) Energy Saver

Unless supplied from a variable frequency drive, motors run at continuous full speed irrespective of whether that is essential or not. Variable drives decrease and raise their speed according to demand, providing saving of energy up to 50% while also cut down carbon footprints.

2) Checking Energy

Energy is costly, so checking it is central to planned planning and price predicting. Variable frequency drives provide power monitoring, which improves decision-making, providing businesses good control over when, where, and how power is positioned within their systems. This offers crucial opportunities for cutting prices, scaling, and controlling power usage.

3) Customer Experience

The latest Darwin Motion variable frequency drives are Bluetooth-compatible, linked to desktop computers, tablets, phones, along with more networked plant and ‘Internet of Things’ equipment. Customers receive simple accessible stream of details about usage of energy, process competence, and maintenance needs, all in an available interface. For industrial setting, this makes the procedure of cutting costs easier than ever before. It is even possible commission, trouble shoot and backup parameters through Bluetooth that can be highly useful in complexity to get installations.

4) Customer Support

Another hidden advantages of digital compatibility are the choice to access quick support for performance concerns with your Variable Speed Drives. The technology utilizes QR codes – a kind of digital bar-code – to offer main information like fault identifications or parameter details. The outcome is improved awareness, enhanced efficiency, and lower downtime, all with the click of a button.

5) Prompt Connection

With the advent with your application, Darwin Motion variable frequency drives have you covered, performance details can be promptly downloaded to us, where one of our expert engineers will be able to see the fault details and provide a personalized solution. We have seen that this mode saves time and money while changing the things to normal much more promptly. This is accessible through a free software provide by Darwin Motion.

6) Healthy Lifespan

Darwin Motion are dedicated to sustainability with high quality support. All Darwin Motion VFD such as AC Drive, Solar Drive - MATRIX 180, VFD/SVC/Drive - MATRIX 190, Torque Mode Drive - MATRIX 500, High Performance Drive - MATRIX 680, Regenerative Drive -MATRIX 880, High Frequency Drive HF - MATRIX 500-HF have a full lifecycle span. We will offer complete information regarding suggested service intervals along with advice about practical maintenance. Proactive maintenance is made to spread the life of the unit and assurance efficiency, eventually reducing both prices and waste. Furthermore, we offer guarantee status and information regarding uselessness, which helps companies to progress their planning and resilience.

What Next?

To learn more about our services or our range of Darwin Motion VFD range you can call us today on +61432112288 (Australia), +918956113099 (India) or contact us online to know your industrial automation needs. Contacts us for customized systems and solutions based on your needs.